What makes the AES Bungee Systems kit?

AES Bungee Systems, bungee fitness, bungee equipment, bungee kit, group exerciseAnchor Ceiling Mount: Made from highgrade steel with substantial welding which offers a superior heavy duty anchoring solution. While most hold up to 158kgs, the Bungee Plus Ceiling Mount holds up to 340kgs. Includes four mounting screws (two for wood and two for concrete mounting).

Swivel: Increases bungee life and allows for optimal 360 degree movement, the Swivel is made from high density aluminium alloy and mounted onto stainless steel ball bearings that allow for a smooth swivel to prevent twisting.

Carabiners: Extra light-weight, strong, aluminium carabiner which features an autolocking gate. Meets EN 352 standards. Tested to 1.5 tonnes, which is enough to hold an adult giraffe.

Chain: Use for ceiling heights between seven and 17 feet. Tightly woven nylon webbing off ers a superior amount of strength, durability and resistance. Nine loops allow for multiple height adjustments and each section is lock-stitched to ensure strength in motion.

Bungee: made from silicone tubing which has in excess of five times greater elasticity that ‘shock cord’ which is used by most other suppliers. This contributes to a smoother, less jarring motion and flow when performing exercises and won’t inhibit optimal resistance training. All Bungee Plus bungees come with a protective outer sleeve hand made with extremely durable and washable fabric that won’t bunch up and fasteners at each end to ensure the sleeve won’t fall down, no matter how extreme your workout is. Specifi cally designed to ensure moving parts that hair and fi ngers don’t get caught as well as eliminating pinching of the skin.

Luxury Harness: custom designed for bungee fitness with dense luxury foam padding at the waist, sides and on the leg straps for optimal comfort and to keep clients safe from restricting blood flow in continuous workouts. The extra strong, reinforced O rings are made with high tensile stainless steel, reducing friction and overall wear and tear against other fixtures (creating a more flowing motion) and lock-stitched on to the harness. Extra safety hooks on the harness at the front, back and sides enable flexibility for different aerial moves and bungee dance/ yoga classes and military grade buckles for single hand connection. Available in multiple sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL as well as an adjustable waistband feature to allow for a customized fit.

Let us work out what you need! Do you know how many units you can accommodate in your venue or indeed which sizes and weights you’ll need to host your new Bungeecise class? Why not let us do the hard work and provide you with a bespoke proposal that will accommodate your members based on your requirements? We can show you how to unleash the full potential of Bungeecise, drive new memberships and increase revenue. Get in touch with our friendly team today on (UK) 01328 560250 or email: info@activeengineeringsystems.com. We guarantee to save you money!