What is Bungeecise?

For anyone new to the idea of working out in a bungee harness, here are some answers to your most asked questions…

What is Bungeecise?
Bungeecise is a different way to exercise compared to traditional workouts. It is a revolutionary full body training system for fitness and rehabilitation, combining resistance training with a cardiovascular workout and using your body to push against the bungee cord.

How is a Bungeecise workout better than other workouts?
Weightless training in a bungee harness means you can complete a high intensity workout with no stress on your joints. A low impact workout in a bungee offers people of all ages and body shapes, a new, innovative and fun way to train and rev up metabolism, improve mobility, balance & coordination and quickly burn hundreds of calories.

Astro Durance, bungee fitness, tower fitness, bungee workout, bungeefit, fitness, hiitWhat happens when I arrive at a Bungeecise class?
Before taking part in a typical Bungeecise class, your height and weight are measured to assess the level of bungee support that’s right for you. Your bungee harness is then fitted about your waist and legs before being hooked up to either one or two bungee cords.

What should I wear?
The Astro Durance luxury harness is the most comfortable bungee harness on the market, but extensive workouts can be a little harsh on your skin, so it’s recommended to wear clothing that isn’t too loose and an extra layer around your hips and waist (shorts over leggings or well fitting tracksuit bottoms are popular choices).

Should I avoid food before a class?
Whereas food needs to be digested before you step into the bungee, you want to avoid being light-headed when taking part in a high intensity workout where you can sometimes be upside-down, so snack/ protein bars are a good way to get an energy boost before a class.

How is the Bungee Plus Bungee Fitness System better?
Workout harder and longer with Bungee Plus premium bungee fitness equipment. The patent pending tube lining in our Bungee Plus bungees provide more buoyancy and stretch helping users to be lighter on their feet during training. Our design creates a much safer experience allowing users of all skill levels, including those with disabilities or needing rehabilitation, to maximize individual performance. Our patent pending bungee sleeves are extremely durable and washable, handmade using a heavier fabric that won’t bunch up or fall down no matter how extreme your workout is.

Can I train to be a BUNGEECISE Instructor?
Yes! The team at AES Bungee Systems have worked with industry experts to come up with a training system that is fully accredited and covering basic, intermediate, advanced movements and an overview of how to work with clients with physical limitations. For more information and dates on our new BUNGEECISE Training Courses, please email: info@activeengineeringsystems.com or call 01328 560250.