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In2Action, logo, activities to inspire“We’ve used Aeroball as an activity at our sites for 15 years and it’s proven to be a popular way to introduce and develop physical activity and co-ordination with children. Overall, Aeroball has been a great asset to our activity programme.”
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Combining Volleyball and Basketball on a Trampoline, Aeroball quickly builds balance, coordination & focus and develops tactical thinking and communication skills, making it a great asset to Schools and Learning Outside The Classroom organisations. The game is also a fun, competitive and amazing aerobic exercise which has proven popular with Holiday Resorts, Farm Parks, Activity Centres and other visitor attractions.

Mike Bushell, BBC Sport, AeroballAnyone for Aeroball?

The game is simple…

Points are scored either by throwing the ball into your opponent’s basket (two points) or if your shot misses but the other player doesn’t grab the ball before it touches the trampoline (one point). When a player reaches a number of points, they are the winner.

Click here to watch the BBC’s Mike Bushell give it a go.

Fun activity for the whole family

Aeroball, great for farm parksCompact, easy to install

Aeroball, great for farm parksRevenue boosting activity & speedy ROI

Aeroball, great for farm parksEasily train staff to deliver sessions

Aeroball, great for farm parksMultiple sizes available

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