Ten reasons why you will love AES Bungee Systems Fitness…

Bungee Fitness is a revolutionary full body training system for fitness and rehabilitation, combining resistance training with a cardiovascular workout and using your body to push against the bungee cord. From HIIT to Flow to Bungee Yoga, there are many different ways to get fit in a bungee, but what makes is so appealing?
No stress on your joints! Weightless training means you can complete a high intensity workout with no pain. Your Muscles are stimulated with no pressure on delicate joints, so anyone recovering from an injury or joint replacement surgery can really benefit from a low-impact workout without the risk of hurting themselves.You can do more. Since the bungee cord carries your weight, resistance movements like planks or push-ups are a bit easier to perform.Almost anyone can do it. A low impact workout in a bungee offers people of all ages and body shapes a new way to train, pairing fast-paced and explosive movements with lunges, squats and other resistant exercises.

It’s really fun. Let’s face it. Flying around the gym while attached to the ceiling making you completely weightless and carefree, has got to promote those ‘happy hormone’ endorphins.It appeals to the hardcore gym members. Some exercises are easy and some are harder to execute, so although it’s fun, it’s still a tough and sweaty workout.

Rev up your metabolism and quickly burn hundreds of calories.

Increase blood flow – the key to overall health and healing!

Work your entire body with a combination of cardio & strength moves, improving mobility, balance & coordination.

Build muscle/ burn fat! The fact that you are constantly on the move means that you are doing low-intensity exercises which activates and burns stored fat, building muscles at the same time.The possibilities are endless! The concept is a brand new, exciting way to train, so get creative and spice up your Bungee Fitness workout with extra resistance or cardio movements, or even add some glow sticks for a unique bungee workout experience!

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