Can you afford to wait?

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Maria Hudson, owner of The Vault (, was the first to bring exciting new Astro Durance Bungee Fitness classes to Amesbury and just five short weeks after launching, made back her original investment to bring in over £4,000 a month! Read how Maria did it and how we can help you to leverage Astro Durance Bungee Fitness to create a fantastic, reliable new revenue stream…

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Bungee life after lockdown

Astro Durance, bungee fitness, The Vault, Amesbury, bungee workout, bungeefit

The Vault’s Maria talks to us about reopening her studio and how AES Bungee Systems fitness is the ideal workout to ensure post-lockdown member safety…  So, Maria, since reopening on Monday 27th July, which classes are you now offering? “We are able to provide: Gymnastics for kids, Personal Training, Circuits and Bungee, all in limited numbers to…

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What makes the AES Bungee Systems kit?

Astro Durance, bungee fitness, bungee equipment, gym equipment

Anchor Ceiling Mount: Made from highgrade steel with substantial welding which offers a superior heavy duty anchoring solution. While most hold up to 158kgs, the Bungee Plus Ceiling Mount holds up to 340kgs. Includes four mounting screws (two for wood and two for concrete mounting). Swivel: Increases bungee life and allows for optimal 360 degree…

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“I had such a blast!”

astro durance uk bungee fitness

Fitness fanatic, Robyn O’Brien from Norwich, tries out AES Bungee Systems for the first time…  On Friday, the AES Bungee Systems team ventured down to Tower Fitness Boxing Gym in Norwich to shoot our new bungee fitness exercise programme with training collaborator, fitness writer and Personal Trainer, Ollie Matthews. With Superhero moves like, “Superman Hold” and…

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