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AES Bungee systems are the revolutionary full body training system for fitness and rehabilitation. Designed for a high intensity cardio workout with no pressure on joints, our Bungee Fitness Systems offer a new, innovative and fun way to work out and rev up metabolism.

Your clientele will be able to fly, skip, jump and do movements they never thought they could with AES Bungee Systems.

The new full body training system can be used for personal fitness, group training sessions, even yoga to give your clients a low impact/ high intensity workout. Whether training to get fit, wanting to lose weight or looking to maintain fitness after an injury, the AES Bungee system is easy to adapt to fit multiple sizes, weights and fitness capabilities.

Active Engineering offer full Instructor Training and Session Plans to support you in the launch of AES Bungee Systems in your gym/ fitness studio.

Get in touch for a demo and for more information on how AES Bungee Systems can revive your membership and drive new revenue on: info@activeengineeringsystems.com

“The AES BungePlus system has transformed my studio. Reinvigorated existing customer participation along with new customers have significantly increased my turnover and profit and is most probably the best business decision I have ever made.” Maria, single site Studio Owner

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Heavy duty, durable, safe, flexible, luxury, superior comfort… AES Bungee Systems have been designed with you in mind.

4 in 1 Bungee Systems are great for all forms of resistance training, especially for professional and school sports.

Exercise For All

AES Bungee Systems can accommodate users of all ages, sizes and fitness levels with the full body support harness. The 4 in 1 bungee design concept also means you can offer a variety of high end resistance workout options with the durability, safety and comfort that users need.

Super Quality and Comfort

AES Bungee Systems have been designed with comfort and safety as a priority. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our product and believe we have the most durable, comfortable and safe harness available. With the durability to support excessive extreme workouts and lightweight enough for dance classes AES Bungee Systems are the highest performance product on the market.

How are AES Bungees better?

Our design creates a much safer experience allowing users of all skill levels, including those with disabilities or needing rehabilitation, to maximize individual performance. Our bungee sleeves are extremely durable and washable, handmade using a heavier fabric that won’t bunch up or fall down no matter how extreme your workout is.

To find out more about why AES Bungee Systems stand apart from alternative offers Click here.