“I had such a blast!”

Astro Durance, bungee fitness, tower fitness, bungee workout, bungeefit, fitness, hiitFitness fanatic, Robyn O’Brien from Norwich, tries out AES Bungee Systems for the first time… 

On Friday, the AES Bungee Systems team ventured down to Tower Fitness Boxing Gym in Norwich to shoot our new bungee fitness exercise programme with training collaborator, fitness writer and Personal Trainer, Ollie Matthews.
With Superhero moves like, “Superman Hold” and “Spiderman Planks”, the aim is to create a fun, but high intensity workout in the bungee that will burn calories and boost metabolism.

Robyn, a regular gym-goer, hadn’t previously tried any kind of bungee fitness, but quickly got the hang of moving around in the harness and after a basic warmup (and under Ollie’s direction) was able to perform Astro Dives and Leaps like a professional: “I really enjoyed my first bungee fitness experience. It was a lot of fun and while I was jumping, leaping, reaching and diving, I felt very secure in the harness. It was really cool being ‘weightless’ whilst working out. I’d definitely do it all again!”

Increase muscle tone, strengthen your core and improve flexibility with our unique weightless workout, coming to a fitness studio near you! Look out for AES Bungee Systems on social media for new workouts and upcoming classes in your area.

About AES Bungee Systems

The new full body training system can be used for personal fitness, group training sessions, even yoga to give you a low impact/ high intensity workout. Whether you are training to get fit, wanting to lose weight or looking to maintain fitness after an injury, the AES Bungee System is easy to adapt to fit your size, weight and fitness capability.