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Astro Durance, bungee fitness, The Vault, Amesbury, bungee workout, bungeefitMaria Hudson, owner of The Vault (, was the first to bring exciting new AES Bungee Systems classes to Amesbury and just five short weeks after launching, made back her original investment to bring in over £4,000 a month! Read how Maria did it and how we can help you to leverage Astro Durance Bungee Fitness to create a fantastic, reliable new revenue stream…

Earlier this year, Maria invested £4,500 on eight AES Bungee Systems Bungee Fitness units (you can click here to read more about how The Vault bounced back with bungee on our last blog). Being the first in her area to launch Bungee Fitness, Maria’s classes were immediately popular, commanding a lengthy waiting list every week for spaces.

Even today, each one of the ten classes a week is fully booked. Maria charges £12 per session, generating a weekly income of £960 and a monthly revenue stream of £4,160. Taking into account the original spend of £4,500, Maria made her original investment back in under five weeks with a plan to bring in more units to accommodate the demand from her members!

And you can too!

Be the first to bring innovative new bungee fitness group workout classes to your area and enjoy a fast return on investment for your business. Post-lockdown, your members want a fun and safe way to workout which we can ensure. + The great thing about bungee fitness is that it’s great for getting everyone active, including children, seniors and those with mobility issues, so immediately you have a product that attracts new customers.

Astro Durance Bungee Fitness at The Vault, Amesbury

Our premium quality kit is supplied with everything you need, so no need to source extra parts from elsewhere and the bungees themselves will last longer than any other bungee product on the market. With bungee fitness, class sizes are limited, so members can be assured of social distancing procedures and the kit is totally washable, from being able to machine wash the harness and outer bungee sleeves to wiping down any other parts with anti-bac wipes.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Speak to Maria at The Vault and Jane at Pole Perfect Fitness ( to ask about their experiences with AES Bungee Systems and introducing bungee fitness to their group class timetable.

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FREE Engineer visit

Not sure if bungee fitness is even feasible at your place? No problem. We offer of a FREE no obligation visit with resident engineer, Carl Slater, who can meet you at your venue and work out your requirements to give you a price for equipment, installation and training. Call 01328 560250 to book or click here to email us.