Bungee life after lockdown

The Vault’s Maria talks to us about reopening her studio and how AES Bungee Systems fitness is the ideal workout to ensure post-lockdown member safety… 


So, Maria, since reopening on Monday 27th July, which classes are you now offering? “We are able to provide: Gymnastics for kids, Personal Training, Circuits and Bungee, all in limited numbers to adhere to social distancing procedures.

Are you offering all of your pre-lockdown classes now? Apart from baby gym and pre-school classes, yes we are offering members the same classes as before, but in limited numbers.

Did you members have to pre-book? Yes.

Astro Durance Bungee Fitness, The Vault, Amsebury

What was demand like for classes? Very high. From announcing our open day, we have been extremely busy with managing bookings. All classes were booked up well in advance of opening day which is incredibly reassuring and within the first five days, nine classes were held at The Vault.

How did your reopen day go? It went really well. Everyone enjoyed the sessions and have rebooked for the following month already.

Did your members find it difficult to get back into the class after months away? They found it more demanding than before, but everyone enjoyed it and 100% rebooked.

Is AES Bungee Systems suitable for a safe and fun distancing group workout? Yes, absolutely. The kit is easy to clean and participants are naturally two metres (six feet) apart. As well as extra hygiene provisions, one of the changes we implemented within our bungee classes was to change which direction participants jump in, so instead of facing towards each other for a move, we now run away from each other so there’s no risk of bumping into anyone else.

Thanks, Maria!
Stay safe

You can follow all the goings on at The Vault on Maria’s Facebook Page by clicking this link.

How can we help?

With bungee fitness, class sizes are limited, so members can be assured of social distancing procedures and the kit is totally washable, from being able to machine wash the harness and outer bungee sleeves to wiping down any other parts with anti-bac wipes.

Ticks other boxes too…

  • It’s fun! Millennials will still want innovative group workouts.
  • Great for getting everyone active including children, seniors and those with mobility issues.
  • Premium equipment (97% made in the US) supplied with everything you need, so no need to source extra parts from elsewhere.

Carl Slater, Active Engineering Systems, engineerWe offer of a FREE engineer visit with resident engineer, Carl Slater, who can meet you at your studio and work out your requirements to give you a price for equipment, installation and training. Call 01328 560250 to book or click here to email us.