AST (Active Suspension Trainer)

We have introduced the Active Suspension Trainer to our product line-up and it is an exceptional option for our current bungee customers. With the attachment points you have already for your bungees, you can simply hook up the AST and you are ready to go. Most level 2 gym instructors will already have some experience with Suspension Trainers through the likes of TRX. These systems are perfect for a group fitness class due to the ability to adapt the class for all fitness levels. A simple change in angle will adapt the exercise for a beginner, intermediate or an expert.

The AST retails at £48 (and a few pence) but at a trade price of £38 (and a few pennies), this bit of kit really is a great investment which offers a fantastic ROI. With the average class costing on average £8.50, each unit will be paid off within 5 classes.

We have also put together a guide to exercises which you can go through below.

AES Active Suspension Trainer