An important Coronavirus update for our customers

Astro Durance, bungee fitness, bungee equipment, gym equipmentAs always at AES Bungee Systems, the wellbeing of our customers and their members is of the highest priority. Following the updates and guidance from Public Health England, we wanted to help you to address any concerns you may have around Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and using your AES Bungee Systems bungee fitness equipment…

Your customers are talking about Coronavirus and will want to be given peace of mind if they’re using your gym or attending classes, so here are some helpful tips and advice on keeping yourself, your members and staff safe in these challenging and uncertain times:

  • Keep members informed on a regular basis as your plans evolve and let them know what your plans are to keep them safe. Contact them to let them know what to do if they develop any Coronavirus symptoms, for example, a high temperature, new continuous cough or flu-like symptoms or have recently returned from any of the countries on the Government’s restricted travel lists.
  • Provide hand sanitiser for members to use on arrival at your class.
  • Ask your members to let you know immediately if they are suffering from a cough, high temperature ( 38ºC or 100.4ºF in adults) or any other known Coronavirus symptoms and offer members a flexible cancellation policy if they need to self-isolate.
  • Reassure members that the bungee fitness equipment will be washed on a regular basis.

Astro Durance, bungee fitness, bungee equipment, gym equipmentHow to clean your AES Bungee Systems equipment.

The AES Bungee Systems Outer Sleeve is machine washable as well as the AES Bungee Systems Daisy Chain. The AES Bungee Systems Luxury Harness can be machine washed also, although it’s best to do this by putting it in a pillow case, secured shut with string and set to a delicate wash. Any other parts (O rings, Astro Swivels and Carabiners) can be cleaned using anti-bacterial wipes or spray.

We will be updating this page with new information and ideas on a regular basis, so watch this space and stay safe!