About us

AES (Active Engineering Systems) provides a range of innovative products and services that are revenue and profit generating for our clients, delighting their customers with a focus on healthy, active and fun lifestyles.

Senior Management have over 70 years experience in the fitness, activity and leisure industries including ownership of waterparks, holding CEO positions for multi-site leisure  activity and travel organisations and developing their own international brands.  Our products, services, advise and insights are based on this experience.  Our vision and focus is on providing excellent return on investment for our clients through innovative and exciting products and services, embedding operational excellence whilst supporting their commercial success.

We work with single site operations, multi-site operators and a growing network of international distributors.  Our clients recognise the need to have quality equipment and services that excite and delight their customers.

“With the support of Carl and Rob at AES, we were able to achieve a ROI of 2..4 months on the equipment. installation and training they provided” Jane, Single site Gym Owner

“Whilst their products are the best in the industry, the hands on support of AES engineering team was the final reason for us selecting them as our provider” Mike, Area Manager, multi-site operator


21 Oak Street, Fakenham, Norfolk - NR21 9DX
+44 01328560250